Investing in Long-Term Growth
  • 16, December 2014
    Launch of second stage of Urengoyskoe field read more
  • 11, December 2014
    First stage of Urengoyskoe field ramped up to full capacity read more
  • 26, November 2014
    Yenisey Power Substation built by Stroytransgaz PJSC put in operation in Krasnoyarsk read more

Volga Group is a privately-held investment group that directly or indirectly holds interests in a variety of assets on behalf of Gennady Timchenko.
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22 May, 2014  |  Reuters
Putin ally expects flurry of China deals in new role read more
11 April, 2014  |  Reuters
Arctic gas project backs political strategy as Russia turns east read more
17 February, 2014  |  The Financial Times
Novatek’s bet on LNG challenges Gazprom’s dominance read more