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  • 16, December 2014
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    Yenisey Power Substation built by Stroytransgaz PJSC put in operation in Krasnoyarsk read more

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Yenisey Power Substation built by Stroytransgaz PJSC put in operation in Krasnoyarsk

26 November, 2014 13:10:00

On November 26, Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System JSC put the 500 kV extra-high-voltage substation Yenisey in operation. The first autotransformer with a capacity of 801 MVA was put into operation. The second unit power plant is planning to be put in operation next year. Stroytransgaz PJSC (STG) was the general contractor under the substation construction.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by Andrey Murov, the Chairman of the executive board of FGC UES JSC , Viktor Tomenko, the Head of the Krasnoyarsk region government , Samuil Zilberman, General Director of FGC UES’ branch — «Main Power Networks of Siberia» , and Vadim Gurinov, General Director of STG PJSC .

Vadim Gurinov, the Head of STG, awarded a symbolic key for the substation to the director of the facility — Anton Tikhonovets, noting that the Yenisey substation is a next-generation energy facility. The state-of-the-art equipment allows to remotely operate the substation which is entirely automated.

The commissioning of the new substation will solve the problem of electrical capacities shortage in Krasnoyarsk generation center and will enable the connection of new consumers: production facilities, residential areas under construction in the city, sports and social infrastructure for the 2019 Winter Universiade.

The new substation will solve yet another issue — it will be a kind of a back-up for the 500 kV Krasnoyarskaya substation, which has been in operation for over 50 years and now needs an overhaul. The operation of a new main substation will enhance the reliability of power supply of the central areas of the region, and will allow for the reconstruction of the oldest 500 kV substation of Krasnoyarsk with no loss in reliability of power supply to consumers.

The construction of the substation started in 2011. Over three years, within the 25ha area (35 football fields) there have been constructed the outdoor switchgears of 220 and 500 kV, as well as control houses, check passage, relay boards, current-limiting reactors, a pumping station and a clean-up system for oily waste waters.

The main power equipment of the Yenisey substation includes two autotransformers with a capacity of 810 MBA each with a 267 MBA back-up phase with a capacity of 267 MBA. In the longer term, the third autotransformer might be installed at the substation.

The substation was connected to the power lines with an overall length of almost 40 km connecting the power facility with Krasnoyarsk HPP, 500 kV Krasnoyarskaya substation, Krasnoyarskaya TEC-3 and three urban substations of 220 kV.

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